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Trupti Magecha

Trupti is a creative facilitator with a background in photography and film making. She is interested participatory projects that enable people to explore photography as an art form, as a tool for self expression and as a way to document history.    

Born in Blantyre, Malawi, Trupti arrived in London in 1975 and trained initially in documentaries, filming in South Africa, Ghana, the USA, in Europe and at home.  Her work has been shown on the BBC and Channel Four including the BAFTA award winning series 'The Tower' based on the regeneration of a London council estate and the award winning series Secret Millionaire. Other issues she's covered include immigration, internet child pornography and race relations.  

Trupti brings joy, positivity and a can-do attitude to deep:black. She is generous in looking after the needs of the team, nurturing relationships and supporting the development of the organisation. By holding herself and others to account she ensures that as a team we take care of ourselves and the organisation stays sustainable – which is one of deep:black's core values. Trupti is passionate about quality and is committed to always delivering the highest standard of work.

Trupti brings a strategic vision and visual flair to deep:black and is skilled at supporting the organisation to step out of it’s comfort zone!